Board President Selection and Removal

The November 14, 2015, issue of the Union-Tribune raised a question about how to remove a HOA board president from office.  For the Westwood Valley number 5 HOA (the Promenade), board members select the president and requires a majority of the board members to elect or remove.  See the article in the business section titled “Manager Certification Should Be Given..” here.


Email for notifications?

From the Union-Tribune:  “… is it permissible to send notifications such as HOA dues increases, minutes and other notices via email versus traditional mail?” In summary, “Civil Code Section 4040(a)(2) allows the HOA to send a homeowner notices by email if the owner has in writing consented to this.”   There is a caution:  Civil Code Section 4910(b)(1) prohibits the discussion of HOA business in emails.  See full article here.

Trash Bins

Just a reminder:  a few neighbors have been leaving their trash bins in the front of the house visible from the street for convenience.  The CC&Rs have a restriction that the bins have to be out of sight, usually that means in the garage or out back.