Free HOA Documents May Cost When You Sell

An article in the Union-Tribune (February 24, 2018) points out that without planning, you may end up paying for HOA documents that could be free when you sell your house (or condo).  I have scanned the article and included here as a pdf.


New Address Law for Absentee Owners

The Business Section of the San Diego Union-Tribune has a weekly column for Home Owner’s Associations.  The February 4, 2017, edition discusses the new law requiring absentee owners to notify the HOA of the owner’s address on an annual basis.  There is also a provision for email addresses. See here.

Email for notifications?

From the Union-Tribune:  “… is it permissible to send notifications such as HOA dues increases, minutes and other notices via email versus traditional mail?” In summary, “Civil Code Section 4040(a)(2) allows the HOA to send a homeowner notices by email if the owner has in writing consented to this.”   There is a caution:  Civil Code Section 4910(b)(1) prohibits the discussion of HOA business in emails.  See full article here.

Ten Tips On Amending the CC&Rs

Homeowner associations in the U.S. are governed by CC&Rs (covenants, conditions, and restrictions), which are contracts between the HOA and homeowners. The document outlines policies, rules and procedures covering issues regarding the usage and alteration of property. Here’s how to make changes to CC&Rs.

This article, originally published in the San Diego Union Tribune, offers tips on amending the CC&Rs (see here).