Westwood Association

The Westwood Association Architecture Review Committee (ARC) has purview over the architecture and landscaping within the associations in Westwood.  Any changes to the architecture or landscaping to a home within one of the associations in Westwood must obtain the approval of the ARC.  The fee as of 5/23/16 is $0 (free). However, several homeowners reported having to pay $70 for what they thought was an approval – we are currently trying to clarify.

The chairman of ARC is Reed Reichert and can be reached at the Westwood Club, (858) 485-63oo, or email him at archcontrol@rbwestwoodclub.com.

Setting Goals for Associations

The Union-Tribune publishes a frequent column with information useful for home owner’s associations.  This column discusses useful goals the Association should set annually.  These goals include sufficient reserve funds, updating CC&Rs and by-laws, an independent contractor assessment of maintenance and repair needs, and a website, among others.  You can download full article in Microsoft Word 2010 here, or read the original article at this link.